how much lawyer charge for citizenship

Immigration attorneys typically charge either by the hour or for services such as Visa applications; any reliable attorney should be transparent about their fees so you can make an informed decision about who to hire.

Immigration lawyers’ fees depend heavily on the complexity of your case; for example, preparing for a citizenship interview typically costs more than filing an asylum application.


Migrants typically must enlist legal representation when applying for asylum, or risk losing their case and becoming deported. Without legal assistance, these applicants could risk losing their appeals or face deportation proceedings.

Immigration attorneys often charge flat rates for various cases. These rates can range anywhere from as little as $2,000 for family-based immigrant visa applications up to $8,000.

Asylum applicants may be subject to additional costs associated with medical and psychological examinations necessary to proving their cases, including psychological or medical exams to evaluate whether PTSD, bipolar disorder, depression or any other forms of mental illness exist in their lives.

Many immigrants lack affordable lawyers; however, in some cities migrants may receive free legal assistance from the city and nonprofit organizations; however these services often cannot keep up with demand and only provide limited support; furthermore they can often be confusing and hard to use.


Nearly 9.2 million lawful permanent residents are eligible to naturalize, yet socioeconomic barriers such as high fees and language and educational requirements prevent many from doing so. Even just the current $725 fee dissuades many from taking steps towards citizenship while legal fees could add thousands more.

USCIS recently increased the fee for naturalization by over 80% to $1,170 and eliminated fee waivers for vulnerable groups such as asylum-seekers. While a federal judge temporarily blocked this increase, it’s expected to take place soon.

The biometrics fee covers the costs associated with collecting biometrics (fingerprinting, photographs and digital signatures) on behalf of applicants submitting Form N-400. Payment must be made via check, money order or credit card. Citizenship lawyers usually offer flat fees for preparation, filing and interview preparation; however they may require their clients to attend interviews themselves and/or charge travel costs related to visiting biometrics centers and interview locations.


If your citizenship application was denied, it’s crucial to understand why. Reasons could range from past green card fraud or basic criteria-related reasons like failing an English test or interview. Furthermore, USCIS also evaluates if you met physical residency requirements which require spending certain amount of time living within its borders.

Lack of tax payment can also lead to denial, as applicants must submit proof of payment; those owing money will likely be rejected unless they have a plan in place to repay it. If you have children applying for citizenship and child support payments are outstanding it’s also important to submit documentation as part of this application process. In cases involving criminal activity or crimes that make someone inadmissible (usually through requests for additional evidence [RFEs] or administrative appeals tribunal hearings), an RFE may also be denied; should it be denied then an appeal could be filed before going further steps could be taken by administrative appeals tribunal hearings or filing another appeal before being given a chance before filing an administrative Appeals Tribunal hearing will hear case details of rejection of application process.


Immigration lawyer fees will depend on both experience and the type of application being filed; some attorneys offer more competitive rates while other may have less expertise and charge lower rates.

Many immigration lawyers prefer charging flat fees for standard services like visa applications to avoid any confusion or uncertainty that hourly rates might cause. These standard fees may also include “add-ons,” such as providing waivers of inadmissibility when required in certain cases.

Immigration attorneys can be invaluable resources in the long and sometimes complicated journey to citizenship in the US. By filling out and filing various forms, immigration lawyers can aid clients through this process while helping them pass English-language and civics tests. Citizenship applicants must pay a fee when filing Form N-400 with biometrics – although those applying based on military service or age 75+ qualify for reduced fees.

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