When seeking legal help for a family law matter, it’s essential that you find an attorney who combines competence with compassion. Many legal service providers provide free or low-cost consultations.

Family law attorneys often assist their clients with matters pertaining to divorce, child custody and restraining orders as well as estate planning matters.


Divorce is one of the most frequent legal issues faced by families, often making the process complex and emotional. A New York family law attorney can assist clients in understanding the laws surrounding divorce, alimony, child custody and visitation – as well as assist them through this legal process and legalese.

Gutfriend Family Law of New York City offers legal solutions for clients experiencing family law matters such as divorce, spousal support payments, child custody/visitation matters, domestic partnership agreements and issues of child or spouse abuse. Their attorneys specialize in these areas.

How an attorney identifies themselves can offer clues as to their approach to family law cases. For instance, someone who describes themselves as a divorce attorney might embrace the perceived image associated with that term while those identifying themselves with family law as opposed to divorce can often be more holistic and solution orientated.

Child custody

If parents cannot agree on a custody arrangement for their children, family law attorneys are here to help. This could mean mediation or litigation depending on the specifics of each situation; an experienced NYC custody modification lawyer can ensure they obtain an optimal result that benefits both parties and ensures their child’s wellbeing.

In certain cases, judges can appoint a guardian ad litem to represent the child and ensure all parties involved have their rights protected, as well as offer recommendations regarding custody and visitation schedules.

Family law attorneys provide essential help for families and children in various aspects of life, from filing legal documents or creating prenuptial agreements before marriage to providing advice about domestic violence restraining orders and helping individuals navigate custody or divorce processes. Some also teach this area at colleges and universities for networking purposes as well.

Restraining orders

In cases of domestic violence or potential threats thereof, it is vital that an experienced family law attorney be hired. An attorney will help present your side in court while also helping avoid false accusations being levelled against you.

New York Family Courts can issue orders of protection to prevent an alleged abuser from contacting the petitioner and members of his or her family. Such orders can be issued as part of either criminal or civil proceedings, with judges issuing full orders requiring that their defendant stay away from them as well as your home, workplace and any other locations determined by them.

Family attorneys can assist in filing an order of protection petition in court and compile all the required documents for filing. Their attorneys will take into account your individual circumstances as well as how the order affects both yourself and any minor children involved in your case.

Estate planning

Estate planning entails setting forth how an individual wishes for his/her property, assets, and responsibilities to be handled both during his/her lifetime and upon death. This typically entails designating guardians for any minor children as well as creating both revocable and irrevocable trusts to reduce legal expenses and taxes.

Family law attorneys can assist with the formation of parent-child relationships between nonbiological parents (stepparents or grandparents) and children they do not biologically belong to, as well as helping with adoption processes.

Although estate planning and family law address separate matters, their intersection is frequent. Divorce, remarriage, and family blending all have an effect on estate plans; failing to reevaluate them after such life events may have unintended repercussions or cause legal disputes down the road. Addressing issues early can minimize legal disputes while protecting vulnerable family members and avoiding costly probate proceedings – all good reasons to have one! This makes having an estate plan essential; review it annually!

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