Hankuk University is shaken by an ongoing murder case concerning Professor Seo Byung-ju’s death, with law professor Yang Jong-hoon, who used to prosecute, suspecting Assemblyman Ko of being involved.

He investigates a politician engaging in corruption and framing innocent people for personal gain, while star student Han Joon-hwi disbelieves his uncle and puts his skills to the test in uncovering the truth.

Season 1

Law students from an esteemed university find themselves embroiled in an unexplained death case involving one of their professors. Prosecutor Seo Byung-joo has deep connections to several teachers at this renowned institution – this connection could prove dangerous in the eyes of Seo Byung-joo and can make things even more complex for everyone involved.

At Hankuk University, during a supervised simulation class, a murder occurs and is blamed on Professor Kim Joon-Hwi. Kang Sol, Han Joon-Hwi and their fellow Hankuk students work to find out the truth behind Professor Kims murder.

Yang Jong-hoon (Kim Myung-min), is an ex-prosecutor turned professor of criminal law. Although initially appearing to be harsh and cold, those close to him know otherwise – his gifts to the law school have assisted many.

Season 2

Law School Season Two is an engaging crime drama with compelling episodes that force audiences to reflect. Students become embroiled in an ongoing murder case that makes them question their lives and question who to trust with their lives.

Professor Seo is murdered during a mock trial class, initially with Prosecutor Yang Jong-hoon being the primary suspect; however, Kang Sol and Han Joon-hwi join forces to uncover the truth behind Seo’s demise.

Yang Jong-hoon, formerly a prosecutor turned professor at Hankuk University and close friend to Assemblymember Ko Hyeong-su (Jung Won-joong), became traumatized after failing to prosecute Assemblymember Seo for bribery charges; consequently he decided to leave law practice altogether and become a law teacher instead. Although outwardly appearing stern, those who know him well can tell that underneath there’s something much kinder and gentler beneath.

Season 3

Professor Seo’s case is front and center in Law School’s latest episode. Assemblyman Ko attempts to expedite trial proceedings by striking Professor Seo with his car before hitting him again when he attempted to escape it.

As soon as they discover Kang Sol A was responsible, Joon-hwi and the students collaborate to find witnesses who match up with her appearance and discover Kang Dan/Erica Shin (Ryu Hye-young), Kang Sol A’s twin sister is crucial in taking down Assemblyman Ko.

Ji Ho’s connection to Professor Seo is revealed when he provides Joon-hwi with an important piece of evidence: a memory stick containing key pieces of data related to Professor Seo’s murder case. Joon-hwi could prove invaluable as the case unfolds further and present new surprises; stay tuned as we take more twists and turns next episode!

Season 4

Even without Professor Seo Byung Ju’s murder at its core, this season remains focused on students at an elite law school trying to make sense of things. Han Joon-hwi (Kim Bum), as a top student and nephew of Seo Byung Ju, makes him an early suspect; at the same time, Kim Eun-sook works to free Le, an accused rapist whom she reluctantly sentenced 11 years prior.

Episode 14 revisits Professor Seo’s hit-and-run incident, when Sol A and Joon-hwi suspect Assemblyman Ko may have been with him at the time. At first he disproves this suspicion but later discovers Prosecutor Jin also suspects him; it soon emerges that this suspicion could become an explosive scandal against Prosecutor Jin and reveal corruption within their prosecution service.

Season 5

Law school students from a renowned university become embroiled in an unusual death case involving Prosecutor Seo Byung-ju, former chief prosecutor for their country who led their show trial class. Prosecutor Seo Byung-ju has tenuous relationships with professors; even forcing some out of careers as prosecutors and magistrates altogether.

Law professor Yang Jong-hoon may be known for his blunt teaching methods and outspoken personality; yet his students don’t fear him despite this fact. Han Joon-hwi (Kim Bum) and Kang Sol A (a young woman from a rich family) among them stand out among them all as notable models.

Joon-hwi and Sol A suspect Assemblyman Ko is behind the hit-and-run murder of Professor Seo. When confronted, however, he claims he wasn’t driving alone at the time of incident.

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