Ogletree was an energetic champion for justice who arrived at Harvard Law School shortly after the Supreme Court’s Brown decision had invalidated segregation laws, becoming an advocate of civil rights during his studies there and later going on to serve as district attorney in Brooklyn.

At some point in his lengthy legal career, Weddington represented clients ranging from bathhouse madams and celebrity athletes to an individual wrongfully accused in the killing of a Metropolitan Opera stagehand.

1. Michael Dukakis

Michael Stanley Dukakis (b. November 3, 1933) was an American lawyer and politician, serving as governor of Massachusetts from 1975-1979 and 1983-1991. He became the first Greek-American governor of a U.S. state and, while serving, also campaigned as Democratic nominee for president during 1988 election, losing out to George H.W. Bush from his own Republican Party. Dukakis began his political career by being elected Town Meeting member in his hometown of Brookline, Massachusetts before moving on to win a seat in the Massachusetts legislature. Dukakis won an emphatic victory against Republican Frank Sargeant in the 1974 gubernatorial election before running again with Boston Mayor Raymond Flynn as running mate and winning again with former Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor John Winthrop Sears as their opponent in 1984 gubernatorial elections.

Dukakis made his mark during two non-consecutive terms as governor by emphasizing economic development through social programs and healthcare reform initiatives, improving access to education across Massachusetts. A moderate Democrat, Dukakis was heavily criticized by Republicans during his presidential campaign for running ads featuring felons who assaulted and raped women – particularly an infamous ad that featured such perpetrators.

Attorney Charles Ogletree was proud of being born during a critical era for civil rights – shortly after U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Brown v Board of Education decision overturning segregated but equal schools doctrine, he began law school soon thereafter. Ogletree dedicated himself to public service; forgoing lucrative private practice jobs to focus on civil rights cases in Washington D.C. neighborhoods that were struggling.

Jim Dixon was beloved mentor and active supporter of Philadelphia arts scene until his passing due to metastatic cancer on Friday, July 7 at his West Mount Airy home. Long advocate of children’s causes, Dixon combined his passion for law with keen business acumen to form various successful enterprises including his successful personal injury practice.

2. Michael Cohen

As the onetime lawyer and fixer for President Donald Trump, Michael Cohen is at the center of two legal cases — this civil business fraud trial in Florida as well as criminal proceedings brought by Manhattan District Attorney Letitia James into payments made to adult film star Stormy Daniels. Cohen pleaded guilty in federal court last year for campaign finance violations related to these payments; additionally he testified against former President Clinton during congressional hearings this February. In New York court proceedings brought by Trump lawyers they have tried undermine Cohen’s credibility by calling into question his motives in both legal actions.

On Wednesday, Trump attorney Alina Habba continued her attacks against Cohen by pointing out statements made on social media or during interviews or congressional testimony in which he praised or defended Trump before turning against him in 2018. She specifically asked about his 2019 Senate testimony when he claimed Trump never asked him to inflate asset values to meet certain numbers.

Prosecutors allege in this case that Cohen and Allen Weisselberg, his long-term business partner within the Trump Organization, conspired to falsely inflate Trump’s assets so as to secure better business deals and tax benefits for themselves and the company. If proven true, such allegations could place financial strain on Trump Organization operations.

Guy Petrillo, Cohen’s defense attorney, attempted to sidestep questions by asserting that he should be treated equally with all other defendants in this case. He pointed out that Cohen committed crimes “out of circumstance,” rather than deliberately, so any sentence of three years or longer would be excessive for what occurred.

As reported by Cohen’s attorney, he plans to run for Congress as a Democrat in 2020 and target Rep. Jerry Nadler’s 12th District seat which currently represents deep blue parts of Manhattan and which he has held since 1992 as part of his term as House Judiciary Committee chairperson. This move comes days after top Trump allies filed an ethics complaint against Judge Michael Engoron overseeing Cohen’s civil fraud trial.

3. Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby enjoyed a remarkable five-decade long career, as an accomplished comedian, actor, television producer and author. Beginning his comedy career at local clubs in the 1960s before going on to star as the dramatic lead character on network TV series such as I Spy (1965-68) he became one of the first African Americans ever cast in such roles and released several standup albums that made him a popular touring act earning several Grammy awards along the way.

As his acting career soared, Cosby launched the iconic sitcom The Bill Cosby Show that ran for two seasons from 1969-71 on CBS television and starred on PBS’s The Electric Company as well as children’s show Little Bill. Additionally he made various successful movies like Uptown Saturday Night, A Piece of the Action, Mother Jugs & Speed and California Suite which earned critical acclaim and wide audiences alike.

In 2005, Cosby was accused of sexual assault by Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee. Following six days of deliberation with no decision made and Cosby being cleared from all allegations; Constand filed civil suit but eventually reached a settlement that saw this lawsuit dismissed in November 2006.

As soon as he retired from performing, Bill Cosby turned his focus toward philanthropy and television production. He served on many charitable boards and received honorary degrees from numerous universities – most notably Morris Brown College in Philadelphia and Ohio State University in Columbus – where he also advocated for equal rights by helping founding the National Urban League in 1963.

Cosby resumed acting during the 1990s with Sidney Poitier in Ghost Dad (1990). Additionally, he appeared as detectives in black-and-white film noir-themed commercials for Turner Classic Movies as well as appearing in smaller films including Robert Townsend’s superhero film The Meteor Man and Francis Ford Coppola’s coming-of-age flick Jack (1996).

Once he left showbiz behind, Cosby earned great respect as an entertainment attorney at Bloom Hergott LLP until his death in 2022. At its peak of success, this firm employed over 30 attorneys and counted among its client list Martin Scorsese, George Lucas, Jerry Bruckheimer, Charles Roven John Davis and Lorenzo di Bonaventura among many others as clients.

4. Steve Harvey

At first, Steve Harvey lived from gig to gig as a stand-up comedian, moving between cities and sleeping in his car between shows. But after winning a comedy competition, Harvey’s career took off: eventually hosting It’s Showtime at the Apollo and staring in Me and the Boys as well as The Steve Harvey Show on television as well as making movie appearances such as Love Don’t Cost A Thing, You Got Served and Johnson Family Vacation. On top of his acting and philanthropy efforts he also founded his Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation which provides mentoring services for fatherless youths through its mentoring initiatives and services for fatherless youths in need.

Harvey has received numerous honors and awards for his work, such as seven Daytime Emmys, two Marconi Awards and 14 NAACP Image Award nominations in various categories. In addition to these accolades, Steve Harvey is also the author of four books – including New York Times Bestseller Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man – as well as Steve Harvey Global; an entertainment company which houses both his production company East 112 as well as other projects.

Without The Steve Harvey Show’s success, many other projects would probably never exist today. The sitcom followed an R&B singer who takes up teaching music in high school – creating an instant classic due to its 1990s vibes and portrayal of a successful black person as an authoritative father figure to their pupils.

Steve Harvey brand continued to flourish even after its cancellation; Harvey went on to host the talent competition Family Feud and its spinoff Celebrity Family Feud; game show Steve on Watch; reality series Little Big Shots Forever Young; courtroom drama Judge Steve Harvey and even wrote and published best-selling book Jump. Additionally he currently hosts popular radio program Steve Harvey Morning Show; together with his wife they share three children, two dogs, and two horses!

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