If you have ever watched Breaking Bad or its spin-off series Better Call Saul, chances are you have come across Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk). His character has become one of television’s most well-known criminal lawyers.

Saul’s seemingly dishonest exterior belies his vast knowledge and ability to manipulate law for his clients’ advantage, which make him an exceptional advocate.


Every viewer of Breaking Bad and its spin-off series Better Call Saul will recognize Saul Goodman. Behind his questionable ethics lies an intelligence and keen grasp of legal loopholes; an experienced advocate able to use them effectively on behalf of clients for financial success.

Breaking Bad and its spin-off prequel, Better Call Saul, feature Saul as a legal counsel to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to build their meth empire. Additionally, he acts as consigliere for various other criminals such as evidence disposers, impersonators and meth distributors.

Saul embodies traits all lawyers should strive for: superior legal knowledge, inventive problem-solving skills and effective communication. However, his questionable ethics and willingness to cross ethical boundaries make him an antihero: often breaking traditional standards of ethical conduct while associating with criminals for a price; his large ego can hurt his career path as well.


Saul Goodman may appear untrustworthy at first glance; yet despite his underhandedness and low-budget TV commercials, he is an adept attorney with extensive knowledge of law who excels at manipulating legal loopholes to benefit his clients and even known to bend or break laws in order to defend them.

Though Saul never revealed which law school he attended, we can assume he received a rigorous education. He studied hard to prepare himself for his bar exam and sought advice from experienced attorneys and professors to gain valuable insights into law.

Saul has faced many difficulties and setbacks during his career; yet he never gave up on achieving his goal of becoming a successful attorney. Through perseverance and hard work, he eventually passed the bar exam on his second attempt – his dedication and perseverance having paid off with him becoming one of Albuquerque’s premier legal practices; helping meth dealers, evidence disposers and impersonators among many other clients.


Even though Saul Goodman may seem unscrupulous and his ethics questionable, he displays remarkable traits any lawyer should strive to emulate. His intelligence and extensive legal knowledge allow him to exploit legal loopholes for the benefit of his clients.

He excels at effectively communicating complex legal concepts to judges and juries – an indispensable skill for lawyers who must explain complex laws or court cases to them.

Saul takes advantage of his business connections and resources to assist his clients when they find themselves in sticky situations, such as helping Walt and Jesse launder their drug money by setting up a website; providing an old man to pose as Heisenberg after criminals bring him in for questioning; and dispatching Mike Ehrmantraut as coach after Jesse’s girlfriend overdoses.


Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul has become an iconic character to audiences around the world. Fans love Saul for his unconventional legal strategies that often break with tradition.

Though his methods may be considered unethical, Saul is an exceptional lawyer who knows how to exploit legal loopholes to protect his clients and maximize their financial gains. Furthermore, he’s an adept negotiator with experience at keeping them out of jail or avoid prosecution altogether.

Over his career as James McGill and later Saul Goodman, Saul amassed extensive legal knowledge. He gained an expert handle on client acquisition as well as being known to represent people involved with criminal organizations.

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