which lawyer is johnny depp dating

Johnny Depp has always made headlines with his relationships, but this latest one may take the cake: the Pirates of the Caribbean actor has recently been reported as dating his lawyer Joelle Rich.

Rich represented Depp in his UK libel suit against The Sun newspaper and attended his US trial against Heard.

Joelle Rich

Joelle Rich is a British lawyer best known for representing Johnny Depp against The Sun in their libel suit. With more than 10 years’ experience in media regulation, she can detect any danger to their security or notoriety and take swift measures to safeguard it.

Joelle is also an advocate for privacy rights, providing assistance to high-profile individuals and celebrities from excessive public scrutiny. Her firm specializes in cases involving false or malicious media reports – she recently represented Meghan Markle against The Mail on Sunday for defamation claims against The Mail on Sunday.

Rich was present throughout Depp’s defamation trial against Amber Heard despite not being part of his legal team, according to sources. She showed support for him by being in court throughout its six-week duration; according to one source, there was no professional obligation for her attendance – she simply attended as she wanted. According to another source, during early phases of their romance Rich would meet Depp “discreetly” at hotels.

Rich is a 37-year-old married London attorney. She and her husband share two children and are currently divorcing each other. Rich first made headlines as she assisted Johnny Depp with his libel case against The Sun in 2022; thereafter they could often be seen together at court hearings together.

After meeting in court, they quickly started dating each other and have been seen together around Los Angeles and on travel excursions together. Although neither party have officially announced their relationship status yet, both seem happy and content in private lives.

This couple was an ideal match, sharing similar interests and values. Both had an affinity for travel, spending time outdoors, hiking together, music appreciation, reading books and listening to podcasts – they are great supporters in each others lives during difficult times – they will continue working together in future endeavors as partners.

Camille Vasquez

Camille Vasquez, who represented Johnny Depp during his libel lawsuit against The Sun is married, but that hasn’t stopped romance rumors from swirling between them. Camille Vasquez works at Brown Rudnick and co-chairs their brand and reputation management practice; ever since Johnny’s trial she has been making headlines due to their apparent romantic sparks.

Vasquez became a hero to Depp’s supporters during the long trial, with romantic edits featuring them both going viral on social media. But when it was time to put an end to such speculations, Vasquez quickly disproved them in an official statement by calling such claims “disappointing and sexist,” noting: “I am an attorney representing my client in public litigation proceedings; throughout this trial process I have been subjected to many inquiries regarding my personal life which are neither professional nor appropriate responses; so it will remain silent.”

Lori Anne Allison was Depp’s second marriage; she was two years older than him and the sister of one of his former bass players in his band. They married in 1983 but soon after separated due to differences over spousal support issues. Depp’s first wife was actress Vanessa Paradis whom he met while filming The Pirates of the Caribbean V installment in 1984.

PEOPLE reported in September 2022 that Joelle Rich, the London-based attorney who represented Depp during his libel trial against The Sun in 2018, was dating Depp. They had worked closely on his case against The Sun and Rich attended his US trial as an attendee; being seen together at courthouse led to speculations of romance.

However, later it was discovered that these reports were false; Rich was actually attending his trial out of fan support as she is an admirer of his work. Furthermore, she remains married and shares two children with her former spouse.

Amber Heard

Amber Heard has had various relationships since her split with Johnny Depp: Tasya Van Ree was previously engaged, while Elon Musk has also been mentioned. Additionally, Depp is currently suing Heard over her Washington Post op-ed about domestic abuse which appeared last August; Heard has since been linked with director Andy Muschietti and cinematographer Bianca Butti among others.

Heard has long been at the center of media scrutiny due to her volatile divorce from Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom in 2016. Additionally, she was accused of domestic violence with him and had an order placed on her home by the Los Angeles County Sheriff. But Heard has shown she is not afraid to speak out about her personal experiences as well as being active in supporting women’s rights and equality.

She has demonstrated her dedication to social justice by becoming an ACLU Artist Ambassador in 2016 and representing them at United Nations human rights meetings. Furthermore, she advocates for animal welfare while participating in numerous humanitarian projects and has donated generously to several charitable causes including ACLU and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Heard has maintained an active career, acting in movies and TV shows such as the 2022 film The Lighthouse. Additionally, she made headlines in fashion by creating her own line of lingerie and jewelry which sold globally. Furthermore, Heard expanded her services as an actress by modeling for L’Oreal Paris as well as becoming their spokesperson.

Depp and Heard’s highly-publicized defamation trial in Virginia earlier this year garnered global media coverage and saw numerous former partners such as Ellen Barkin make appearances. Heard had sued Depp for $50 million following her publication of an op-ed article that described domestic violence without directly naming him, Heard claimed it was defamatory, both Heard and Depp testified at trial, which ultimately resulted in a jury ruling in his favor.

Ellen Barkin

Though some have speculated on romance between Johnny Depp and Jenna Ortega, it doesn’t appear they will soon be canoodling under the moonlight in matching black-and-white striped outfits. Ortega and her agent recently denied any dating rumors with Depp while according to US Weekly they will both appear together in Tim Burton’s forthcoming fantasy comedy film The House With Clock In Its Walls.

While it seems as though these two are working on the same project, it remains unknown whether they are romantic partners or just colleagues. Additionally, this duo has also collaborated on Scream VI and an untitled Disney project.

No details have emerged regarding their collaboration, however it’s believed they may just be sharing a studio space together. Rumor has it that they may take a break from working together due to their busy schedules; both parties have been working on other projects independently for the last year and wish to complete them before embarking on new ones.

Barkin is not only an accomplished actress; she is also a highly acclaimed lawyer. With an LLB from University of Birmingham and over ten years’ experience working within media and entertainment law, including privacy and copyright disputes. According to LinkedIn profiles she boasts of strong knowledge in these areas.

Barkin has made her mark as an actor both on TV and cinema screens with roles that span television series like Friends and movies like She Hates Me and Palindromes, not to mention stage productions. In 2000, Barkin married billionaire Ronald O. Perelman who was eleven years her senior; together they share two children Lily-Rose Melody and Jack.

Even though 59-year-old actor has won his defamation trial against Heard, they still face legal ramifications of this dispute. She has already begun selling off properties to raise the millions needed for the multimillion-dollar fine and her attempts at appealing have been futile.

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